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Are you a Club Director looking to spend more time engaging with your members and athletes both on the court but find yourself tied down with the day to day operations of your organization? Look no further, our staff is here to help!

From season start to season finish our staff is with you every step of the way! Learn about how our staff can assist your organization by providing you with a full time, dedicated director of operations who can focus on the following areas for your organization for an affordable monthly rate. 



This all inclusive package is setup prior to your upcoming season tryouts. Our staff works alongside you as a club director in preparation for the season. Throughout the year our operations staff manages all of the previously mentioned above facets of the club season allowing for you and your coaches to focus on training and tournament competition. Service agreements are setup for the entire year and based on total number of teams, to ensure you and your staff know our operations staff is with you every step of the way. Whether you are looking to improve or just looking to stay organized, our experts are ready to help you manage all of the demands of the club season.


On of the main stress points for club directors and club parents throughout the season is travel team hotels. From trying to find the best options, to meeting event requirements for housing, it can take away from coaches and directors on court experience with their athletes. 

Our staff will assist club directors with this entire process in order to ensure teams have the best accommodations possible for each event. Operations staff will take care of booking all staff/coaches rooms for you and handle all hotel communications to club parents throughout the season.

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